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 Recruiting Forum Post on Kong

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Recruiting Forum Post on Kong Empty
PostSubject: Recruiting Forum Post on Kong   Recruiting Forum Post on Kong I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 01 2012, 20:46

1st version for new recruit thread

Didactic Warriors
Level 13 faction
Ranked 28th
Leader: Cylomar

Didactic means to teach. Therefore we are teaching warriors.

You don’t have to be finished with all the missions to apply.
You don’t have to know everything in order to apply
We prefer ppl of level 30/40 or more to join us, but any1 is welcome to apply

Why Join us?

For we have a reasonable requirement of LP requirements - 25 per day
Spending too much time on Tyrant might also affect your well being. 25 LP would therefore be a reasonable requirement, including wins from enemy losses. since it takes 1 hr and 40 mins for stam to fully recharge, you can play in different time periods of the day. The process of getting 35 would take no more than 2 - 3 hrs

For we are not just players, but also a family
We are not only capable warriors, but also ppl who can help u train in terms of deck-building and tactics. We also have to deal with our lives, so there might be a chance where we can offer u mentoring advice. Through this we improve in our teamwork and friendship

For our faction forum is cool and encourging
The forum's organization is based on a military-rank format. That means members may not only get promoted, but also receive medals for distinguished service in the faction. It would be nice to show off your prizes and encourage others to keep fighting

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Recruiting Forum Post on Kong
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